Protecting your computer from malware and viruses is essential if you are going to spend any time on the Internet. It is not just e-mail and seedy websites that can infect you, but mainstream websites are continually hacked and infected with malware that can spread to the user.

You should have one program to protect “real-time”, but only one. Additional programs provide a fraction more security at a huge cost in resources – it will slow your computer to a crawl. Keep in mind: no program is 100% effective, so caution is always your first line of defense.

Recommended Antivirus Programs:

Bit Defender
Trend Micro

Best Free Antivirus Program:


What do you do if you get infected?

Your first step is to try to use your real-time program to scan and defeat the infection. However, that is obvious to the malware creator, so you will probably find that your anti-virus program won’t run properly anymore.

Should that fail, the next step is to boot in Safe Mode and run the following utiilties:

TDSS Killer
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Unhide – restore hidden desktop and documents

If all this fails, you should probably hire someone to fix it for you. The next steps would be to either create a boot disk to scan from or remove the hard disk and scan it with a clean system.